The Hollywood Bling Ring

The film the "Bling Ring" is out this June

The film the “Bling Ring” is out this June

Emma Watson is playing Alexis Neiers in the much anticipated Summer film that depicts a story of the Beverly Hills teens based on true events. The “Bling Ring” as they have been so infamously labeled robbed homes of celebrities on several occasions. In 2009 there is estimated robbery for the year was said to be around $3 million in belongings as well as ca$h. Famous heiress Paris Hilton was a main target as well as Lindsey Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Hills reality star Audrina Partridge. Footage shows a man and woman grabbing everything in sight wearing hats and gloves in Partriges released tapes. The story unfolded before the affluent teens eyes and soon enough video footage and prints all pointed at the over exposed teens. It seemed like all they wanted was fame, money and ultimately to be a part of the Hollywood scene as they were rich and already partying way beyond there means and age. Alexis Neiers had a reality show on E where she attempted to be seen as a troubled good girl gone wrong but consequently looked like a total brat. She assisted in robbing Orlando Blooms house which she was caught fleeing the scene with stolen possessions. She is now facing three years probation and has served 30 days in prison. The film is set to come out this June. Paris Hilton plays herself in the film. These notorious events at the hands of a couple of high school teens has made history. The Bling Ring slowly became identified by police as surveillance footage revealed them one by one as it built up from numerous celeb CCTV cameras.That was the first break but the culprits were over heard several times bragging loudly about the high valued goods they had stolen in there private school and it didn’t take long for tip offs to ensue. Nick Prugo one of the main ring leaders has been charged with 7 accounts of burglary. All of the upper class teens equally searched for acceptance in the LA high school were popularity was everything. Once they got a a taste they just couldn’t stop! Whenever Rachel Lee wanted a new outfit or ran out of money for drugs they would rob or as she liked to call it “go shopping”. It all became an addiction of stealing , living on the edge and adrenaline. Cant wait to see the film

Emma Watson is playing bad girl Alexis Neiers

Emma Watson is playing bad girl Alexis Neiers


The real Alexis

The real Alexis played by Emma Watson

Bling ring alexis

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